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Areas of Specialization

Coach Sandy specializes in helping you to get back on track by offering dynamic support, guidance, and a clear actionable plan.



Are YOU ready to be the best version of yourself? I can assist and help you to develop, to grow and to impact your strengths in different areas of your life you can have a clear plan to achieve any goal you have in mind.



Have an Epic Business Idea that you want to explore? I will support, and coach you step-by-step through the whole process. We'll focus our efforts on understanding how your product or service can serve a customer, and a marketing plan.



Throughout our lives we will experience many relationships, some strong and healthy and others may prove to be more challenging.


I can work with you, sharing the tools you need to develop deeper connections, and have more meaningful relationships.



I am an experienced holistic or energy healer. We have accumulate different layers of pains unconsciously throughout our life. Want to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally? I can help you to consciously heal every layer that has been accumulated over time. 



With this coaching, you will learn to connect with your spiritual self and find peace, harmony, and inner happiness.

I will guide you to explore the Soul, the part of you that has no physical form, also known as your higher self; the god within you. 



12 weeks of coaching includes:


  • 1 hour/week conversation 

  • 1 hour/week healing session

  • A personal meditation or mantra to practice daily

  • A monthly group meet 

  • A diet plan (if desired)


Commit to a better way of life!

SAVE 40% by signing up for our 12-week program!

  • Best Value

    Package Coaching

    A 12-week program designed to help you live your best life.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Life Coaching
    • Business Coaching
    • Holistic Healing
    • Relationship Coaching
    • Spiritual Coaching

The package includes two sessions per week over a 12-week period. One 1-hour coaching session and one 1-hour healing session to be booked weekly (2 sessions weekly, total), plus a monthly group meet-up for locals, a personal daily meditation or mantra, and an optional diet plan.

Coach Sandy has been a blessing in my life. I appreciate her approach, and welcome her guidance and support. I have never felt so good!

- Happy Client

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